The Walking Dictionary

The Walking Dictionary

When she isn’t busy winning Guinness World Records from dribbling and juggling balls, she is instead building on her vocabulary to be the greatest spelling wizard on earth. Yet another first for the African-American community, a 15-year-old Zaila Avant-garde curated a remarkable mark on black history by emerging as the winner in the 2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Zaila, alias “Participant 133” smoothly climbed her way up to the top by accurately spelling the words at each level. Her winning title was earned after she succeeded in spelling the word “Murraya'' which is a genus of flowering plants. Her two years of training to be the number one champion had truly paid off. Zaila had always desired to become a phenomenal lady in society, not only for her sole benefit but to become a beacon for the minority girls out there. This bee placed her under the spotlight that she had always longed for however, the success did not blind her to her ambitions. On the contrary, it fueled her hunger for excellence. For a girl her age, she can already divide five-figure numbers by two-digit numbers in her head in a matter of seconds. She aims to play for the W.N.B.A and eventually become a coach. She also yearns to be among the first population to inhabit Mars. With an ambition the size of the ocean, this young girl is going to set each corner of the world on fire.

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