The Unknown Rattlers

The Unknown Rattlers

Only a handful of brown to black-toned men was as privileged as Lionel Turpin to be rewarded or merely recognized for their service during The Great War. Volunteers who signed up for a quarrel after being brainwashed that the white man continent was their “Mother Land”. Some signed up with the hopes of receiving rights to live without receiving animosity once they step foot into a white man’s eye view. Labouring from dusk till dawn, surviving on a spoon of cold stale broth and sweat drenching their torn patches of clothes. Thousands of black “negroes” or “rattlers” (as they were commonly termed) faced the wrath of the war from all fronts with the belief that their enemy was the other white camp. Smoke-filled lungs, broken bones, disillusioned minds, and unrewarded deaths. A ton of battles like the one of Somme were confronted by fearless black labourers, fighters, and aides. Some, in their pursuit of victory, left parts of their bodies blown into pieces and scattered to the ground. Others like William Henry Furrowh played their role in ensuring that their white counterparts had enough to feed and grow their muscle strength. It did not matter how many hours they spent breaking their backs and crippling their hands and feet as few to none were ever truly valued or seen as worthy.

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