New Pages In Black History

New Pages In Black History

“Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter" was the spark that lit to life one of the amplest movements in the world at the moment, the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM). Alicia Garza, a prominent American activist, and writer has written more pages in the book of black history that shall be read by her descendants decades from now. The 41- year-old civil rights activist has organized campaigns to tackle issues faced by the black community; issues including health, student services, and rights, rights for domestic workers, ending police brutality, and anti-racism. Some of her written works have been published in The Guardian, The Nation, Rolling Stone, and Truthout thus gaining her a solid platform to raise these issues across the continent and the world over. The BLM is one of the numerous movements that has been assembled to fight against the callous treatment of black people, especially in America. Alicia has set an example of how social media can be used as a pulpit to raise awareness, cohesion within the black community, and a voice for people to fight against racism. And even though racism is still rampant in America and other majorly white people-filled continents, movements like BLM and activists like Alicia have helped to curb the number of racist incidents. She still has several years to realize her goals into reality and become even more impactful. Because of people like her, we believe that racial discrimination will one day become extinct.

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