Jollof Rice In West Africa


In a world drowning in chaos and division, food is likely the sole universal thing that can bring even the greatest enemies to dine on the same table. One of the most profound cuisines that have gained popularity worldwide is Jollof rice. With an aroma so seductive, a deep- red colour, and a spicy flavour, Jollof rice sits at the throne of delicacies from West Africa. Its origins are traced to the 1300s in the ancient Wolof Empire, alias The Jolof Empire. Its roots grew and spread across various countries in West Africa like Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Cameroon. However, its dominance is mainly recognized in Nigeria and Ghana. Jollof rice traditionally consists of rice, cooking oil, vegetables such as tomato, onion, red pepper, garlic, ginger,  Scotch bonnet  chili peppers, and tomato paste to enhance its colour. However, it still has a distinct taste varying across different countries. Nigerian food writer, Jiji Majiri Ugboma, believes that "the Jollof feud between Ghana and Nigeria is arguably the most heated food debate amongst any diaspora." Regardless of this debate, the undisputed fact is that Jollof rice is a meal one must savour at least once in their lifetime. Come 22nd August; the world shall again assemble to honour World Jollof day.

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