Thermo King's Frederick McKinley Jones

Thermo King's Frederick McKinley Jones

Close the Frederick child, the electricity bills ain't gonna pay themselves. "We've been over this grandpa, it's called the refrigerator not Fred or whatever random name seems to come to mind. Re-f-ri- ge- ra-tor. " said Ada. You know Ada, cousin Frederick Mckinley Jones of Hallock, Minnesota invented something like that when he put a refrigerator on a truck and this was used to transport food, drugs and blood plasma by the US Department of Defense in World War II. "Huh, Now you say refrigerator and I think what you're referring to is a cooler." You're right smarty pants, trust your words to come through than your math skills, grandpa remarked. He was said to have revolutionized refrigeration transport. And you know it was over a $6 dollar wager on a golf course. Joe Numero assured one customer with a need to transport his chickens from St Paul to Chicago that his prolific inventor, Frederick, could make something that turned out to be a cooler in thirty days that would solve their challenge. And boy, did he more than come through as that's how the famous thermos king company was born. No wonder, Frederick Jones not only became the first African American elected to the American society of refrigeration engineers in 1944, but was also inducted into the Minnesota inventors hall of fame in 1977 in addition to being awarded the national medal of technology in 1991, both posthumously. "You're right grandpa, I'll always close the Frederick" My Ada, the portable air cooling unit doesn't even begin to cover all that he did. He built the radio transmitter for his town's radio station, a portable X ray, a device used to combine moving pictures with sound and the man was self taught!!!!! No education, none whatsoever! But what invention have you done for this country, let alone this household with all the education we've given you save for chattering about? "I'm only six grandpa, " Ada cried. Well, now that a quote didn't precede my black hero story as it was impromptu, I'll conclude with one; "The inventor ... looks upon the world and is not contented with things as they are. He wants to improve whatever he sees, he wants to benefit the world; he is haunted by an idea. The spirit of invention possesses him seeking materialization." Alexander Graham Bell.

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