Blacks In World War 1

Blacks In World War 1

Charles Williams once said that in the years to come who will read of the work of the negro Stevedores without feeling that America owes a great deal to these men? “Here we go again, Ada remarked rolling her eyes, Grandma starting her war stories with a quote. Should we be worried though that she used the word negro?” “Well if you could keep quiet little miss grumpy you'd know that's one of the moments we let it slide for then, they got a glimpse of what more lay beneath the melanin we were famously known for carrying. Now have I told you the story of Uncle Willian Henry Johnson and how he fought multiple German soldiers? It was then that Ada couldn't help but wonder loudly why grandma referred to all the black heroes as her relatives. “You know they were kept in conditions worse than those of prisoners on a 3 dollar monthly pay and not allowed in shops or bars but somehow managed to fight with valor for a country that wasn't theirs? So, if you don't grab onto the relation non existent as it may be, with hopes of their gallantry rubbing off on you, then it's your loss. Go ahead and tell us what uncle Henry did grandma, ”May said with gleeful eyes.

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