Black People In Tech

Black People In Tech

Space now appears like an attainable destination because of one woman whose ambition could not be watered down—either by her race or gender. The distinguished Melba Roy Mouton (1929-1990) was bold, beautiful, wise, and futuristic. Roy was an American mathematician who worked her way up to the position of Assistant Chief of Research Programs at NASA's Trajectory and Geodynamics Division in the 1960s. She headed a group of NASA mathematicians called "computers." Roy utilized her maths skills to track celestial objects, an important role that was crucial in figuring out where satellites and shuttles were heading and monitoring and setting the course. Project Echo was a pathfinder mission to test new technologies and prepare for future missions. Her numbers and computation would later lead to the successful voyage of men like Neil Armstrong to space and even set foot on the moon. Over 135 space missions have been completed successfully because of the input of black women like Roy. Unfortunately, she received little recognition compared to her white comrades because she lived during a time peaked by racism. However, this did not cast a shadow upon her ambition. She worked harder on the most incredible projects, which led to the realization of technology used today. Roy laid a foundation for other black women to take charge and follow their passions.

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